Natal Mars In Scorpio Traits In Life And Love


Mars is the planet related to conflict, and in astrology, the Mars signal represents your will, drive, sexual vitality, and the way you cope with anger.

Mars guidelines the indicators of Aries and Scorpio in conventional astrology. The crimson planet is at dwelling in each of those highly effective indicators as a result of it’s the place the vitality is channeled greatest. Whereas Aries could act impulsively, Mars in Scorpio is aware of play the lengthy recreation. Mars in each indicators is victorious, freedom-seeking, and needs to discover a love that makes them carry out their passionate and romantic aspect.

Mars in Scorpio traits

These with Mars in Scorpio will be recognized for being decided, vindictive, disciplined, and fearless.

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Scorpio is a tactician and can discover ways to analyze and observe their opponents. They don’t draw back once they have their eyes on a prize. They’ll do what it takes to be victorious.

In relationships, Mars in Scorpio is aware of what they need in a companion and once they have their sights set on somebody, they’ll normally seduce and make their companion fall in love with them. Whereas they are often extra methodical with work, college, and different points of their lives, Mars in Scorpio can generally be very impulsive of their pursuit of affection, which may trigger issues down the road.


Mars in Scorpio is a formidable placement as a result of they’ll have robust tempers. In the event that they haven’t matured, this could translate into bursts of anger when they don’t seem to be getting their approach. The native must channel this vitality into sports activities, a passion, or meditation.

The anger of Mars in Scorpio can rival that of an Aries. Nonetheless, Mars right here can be taught to chill off, particularly if they’ve advanced. The unevolved Mars in Scorpio can seem infantile and impulsive whereas the advanced Mars in Scorpio is cool, calm, and all the time a step forward. The advanced Mars will know transfer on from an argument or disagreement and will even implement diplomacy, however they won’t overlook if they’ve been wronged. 

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